Homeopath & doctor of Chinese medicine

Dr Yutar runs his family practice from Morningside, Johannesburg

In person or telemedicine appointments

Dr Yutar is seeing patients in his rooms and offering telemedicine consultations via phone, Zoom or Teams. Please phone or click to make an appointment.

Dr Graham Yutar is a registered homeopath and acupuncturist

He completed his M. Tech (Hom) at the University of Johannesburg (previously Wits Technikon) in 2002 and is registered with the Allied Health Professional Council and Homoeopathic Association of South Africa.

Since the start of his practice, herbal medicines, acupuncture and nutritional counselling have formed a substantial component of his consultations and in his drive for attaining optimum health for his patients. He also uses the BEMER 3000 to assist in the treatment of his patients.

In 2010, Dr Yutar completed a course in natural fertility with Dr Colin La Grange. Dr La Grange is one of the country’s leading natural fertility experts.

What treatments does Dr Yutar offer?


The insertion of very fine needles into specific points on the body’s surface in order to influence the physiology of the body.


A treatment technique that uses biotherapeutic injectable medicine for injection into specific points and areas of the body.


Homeopathic treatment aims to aid your body’s own healing ability and to bring you to a state of optimum health. All ages and all health conditions can be treated

Specialised treatment programs

Quit Smoking

The program incorporates the use of acupuncture, homeopathy and Chinese herbal medicine. These treatments assist people who are determined to quit by reducing the cravings and the severity of the withdrawals after quitting.

Increase Fertility

Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture treatments aim to balance the body’s systems i.e. to replenish areas which are deficient or weak, reduce areas which are in excess or over-acting, moisten areas which are too dry and dry those that are too damp and to balance Yin and Yang energies.

Lose Weight

Auricular acupuncture has been used to assist with weight loss issues. These treatments assist by reducing sugar cravings and the stress response. Dr Yutar uses a combination of acupuncture with dietary and lifestyle recommendations to assist with weight loss.

Here to help you with all your primary care needs

Dr Yutar is passionate about his profession and the work he does. As well as treating his patients, he has been a patient of homeopathy since the age of 10 – adding to his deep understanding of the day to day applications and successful prescribing of homeopathic medicines.

What to expect at an acupuncture apointment

Dr Graham Yutar’s background also includes homeopathy as a result he draws on his training as a homeopath during the consultation and as well as treatment with acupuncture he may prescribe homeopathic and herbal medicine.

Before any acupuncture is done, Dr Yutar will take a thorough case history. That will include your main complaint, past medical history, allergies, current medication and a review of all your systems as well as your emotional state.

The first visit may take up to an hour including an acupuncture treatment. Follow-up appointments are usually half an hour.

Depending on the nature of your condition and how long you have had it for you may need anything from 6 – 10 acupuncture sessions, but that will be decided during the course of your treatment.

Get in touch and book an appointment with Dr Yutar

Phone: 011 784 3866
Whatsapp: 073 057 155

Consultation Hours

Monday - Thursday: 8:30 - 17:30
Friday: 8:30 - 17:00

Morningside Medical Mews: 1st Floor, 4 Hill Road Morningside

Premises are across the road from the Morningside Medi-Clinic.